Parasnath Jinalay Kolkatta West Bengal

Parasnath Jinalay is located near Tala, Kolkata,West Bengal. Parasnath bhagwan jinalay is a very famous Jinalay of Kolkata that was built in 1867. The complex is subdivided into 4 Jinalayas:

Shitalnath Ji jinalay : Mulnayak : Shitalnath Bhagwan.
Chandraprabhu Ji jinalay : Mulnayak : Chandraprabhuswami Bhagwan.
Mahavir Swami jinalay : Mulnayak : Sri Mahavir Swami.
Dadawadi : Footprints of Jain Acharya Jin Dutt Kushal Suri.

The jinalay is decorated with mirrors, colored stones and mosaics made of glass and has a beautiful garden around it. Here is a lamp which burns with ghee and is never extinguished. On the south of the Jinalay of Sri Sitalanath bhagwan stands the jinalay of Sri Chandaprabhu bhagwan, it was in the year 1895. There is another Jinalay towards the north, belongs to Mahavira the last tirthankar of the Jains and Dadawadi where the footprints of Jain Acharya Jin Dutt Kushal Suri can be found.



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