Chithral Jain Temple Tamilnadu


Chitharal Jain Temple is a famous Jain Temple. It is located in the Marthandam town of kanniyakumari district, Tamilnadu.

Chitharal is historically known as Thirucharanathupalli the abode of Jain monks belonging to Digambara sect.  It is famous for the hillock which has a cave containing rock-cut sculptures of Thirthankaras and attendant deities carved inside and outside dating back to the 9th century.

Parshwanathan and Mahavira idols are carved in the temple and it was converted into a Bagavathy Temple in the 13th Century AD.

Amongst several exquisite rock-cut sculptures found in this cave is the prominent one is an image of Goddess Shri Dharmadevi. The cave was converted into a goddess temple during the 13th century.

Another main attraction at the top hill is two large rocks facing each other, and one can explore whole beauty of the foot through the small window created by these rocks.


2 thoughts on “Chithral Jain Temple Tamilnadu

  1. The way you presented about Chitharal Jinalaya is very good. Thanks for your presentation continue the same in your future life. With Blessings-K.P.Poorana Chandran


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