In Jainism temples are also called as Jinalayas.  Jinalay is a place where gods and goddesses are invoked. In Sanskrit this invocation process is called “Pran Parthista”. During the pran prathista gods and goddesses are invited to the place where the Jinalay has been built and the specific gods and goddesses are asked to be present in the idols that are made of black stones or marble stones.  All this process of inviting gods and goddesses to be in the idols is done with the Mantras, sacred rituals, and prayers.  It is the power of the Mantras recited and chanted by learned Acharayas / Munis that transform mere idols forms into real god.  Since the idols at Jinalay were invoked with Mantras, what one sees in a Jinalay is not a stone idol but actual god and goddesses. Hence , the energy that we get in contact with at the Jinalay is extremely Superior and Sacred.


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